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Beautiful Borgo Pignano

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There's a lot to love about Italy: the food, the culture, the wine – and Tuscany has plenty of each. Just as magical as the canals of Venice or the ancient charm of Rome, the region is known for medieval cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Siena, with scenes of historic villas, dreamy villages, picturesque vineyards, and wild olive groves dotting the countryside.

A landscape like a painting

Settle into a Tuscan classic

Country estate Borgo Pignano – a Tuscan heaven

Borgo Pignano is more than just a hotel. This elegant country estate is a luxurious 18th-century villa, sitting on a hilltop in the center of 750-acres of cherished organic farmland. The view reaches over the beautiful landscape out to the Mediterranean Sea. Endearing and impressive in equal measure, this luxurious hotel features a flower garden, horse stables, an olive grove, and a vineyard – all before even mentioning the orchard, herb garden, and art gallery.

The interior of the rooms matches the stunning scenery outside

Herbs are harvested for meals, soaps, and perfumes

All fresh, all seasonal

Lived sustainability

Sustainability isn't just an empty phrase on Borgo Pignano but actually the backbone of the estate. Heat and hot water systems are fueled by solar panels, gardens are fed with rainwater and the soil conditions are constantly improved to decrease the need for irrigation.

Every ingredient for the delicious meals is also homegrown or locally sourced. The free-range chickens on the premises provide the eggs, while Pignano’s beehives produce honey and even the aromatic olive oil is generated on the farm.

The perfect place to truly unwind

Horseback-riding through the Italian countryside

Experience Italian crafts

It wouldn’t be a crime to relax at the expansive pool, enjoy the sun and sip a nice glass of Chianti – however, there are plenty of other activities you might want to add to your schedule too.

Tuscany is known for its amazing light that's inspired many artists – some of Italy's most important artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo come from the area. Creative souls have the opportunity to join a painting class or grab a few artists' supplies the hotel provides for guests to start on their masterpieces. If you're interested in masterpieces of the culinary kind, at Borgo Pignano you can also learn how to make authentic Italian pasta, pizza, or pastries.

Looking for more action? There's the possibility of horseback riding, bike tours, or guided walking tours. The countryside estate is full of flowers, gardens, and herbs, while a trained herbalist takes curious guests on daily tours of the herb garden to explain how perfumes, oils, and soaps are made by hand in the herbal laboratory.

Learn how to make fresh pasta

Pool, complete with a view

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