We are Scenset

Masters in the art of luxury travel, combined with a unique tech edge.

 Amangiri, Canyon Point Utah

We create custom-made adventures designed with unlimited personalization, using machine-learning and the expert knowledge of world-renowned curators.

Ice hikes on icebergs
Ice hikes on icebergs
Ice hikes on icebergs

The Scenset story

We’ve always loved travel, with its endless opportunities for growth and positive impact. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do. We started to feel like travel had lost its spirit, so we created Scenset to bring originality and authenticity back to travel. We wanted to create a human-first, tech-enabled way to explore the world. With every unique itinerary, we fight the expected and deliver incredible moments that are grounded in originality.

We deepen your travel experience through unmatched itineraries, handpicked properties, exclusive experiences, unique connections and lifelong memories.

What we do well

Being a tech-first travel company, with the best travel designers on board, means we’re able to design private, luxury trips that others simply can’t. Our travel experts use machine learning to craft the perfect itinerary, right down to the smallest details. We can create the best route for a wine tasting trip, find the ideal flight transfer and get a chef’s table reservation at that lesser-known, up-and-coming restaurant.

Scenset’s travel curators have diverse international backgrounds and unmatched local expertise. They’ve personally vetted, lived and explored all our destinations for our travelers. All Scenset trips are delivered via the Scenset app – where all the magic happens.

Scenset’s curators

Scenset curators are travel experts with over 100 years of collective experience in the craft of travel itinerary creation.