Sparkling serenity on the French silver coast

Beachside accommodation without compromising on comfort – welcome to the Huchet Beach Houses.

Bienvenue sur la Côte d'Argent

Falling asleep to the sound of waves and waking up to a fresh sea breeze already sounds like the stuff of dreams. Add in a healthy dose of historic glamor, and you've got the perfect French seaside escape.

Nestled between golden dunes, a green pine forest and a soft sand beach in the French department of Landes, are the Huchet Beach Houses. The Rose des Vents lodge comes with a sheltered terrace for a petit apéro before dinner, while the Alouette des Mers lodge boasts a private garden.

These two exclusive summer residences were once a hunting lodge and a boathouse and are filled with authentic furniture and paintings, dating back to the Indo-Chinese and Indo-Portuguese periods. They've also been carefully restored to create cozy yet luxurious beach houses that leave nothing to be desired.

For when you need to get away from it all

Not your average beach house

Ocean out front, lush gardens out back

Enjoy and relax

You won't need to worry about doing the dishes, making the bed, or cooking breakfast. These luxurious Beach Houses come with all the comfort of a five-star hotel. The food is – like everything else – exceptional. After all, owner Michel Guérard is a 3-Star Michelin chef and knows how to satisfy even the highest expectations.

A simply perfect space

The two lodges cover an area of around 120 m²

The enchanting silver coast

The French department of Landes, in the South West of France, is known for its mild climate, endless beaches, and incredible forests. In short: the perfect vacation destination for ocean lovers, nature enthusiasts, and serenity-seeking travelers.

Just a few steps away from these exclusive lodges, the Atlantic ocean crashes against the French Cote d'Argent. Known for its abundance of quality oysters and mussels, small pieces of shell have mixed with the sand over the course of the millennia to give the beach a silvery touch, leading to its nickname – the silver coast.

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