Immerse yourself in the local culture in Oaxaca, Mexico

Get in touch with the local culture and learn an incredible skill in this UNESCO world heritage site.

Explore Mexico's cultural heritage in Oaxaca

Mexico is so much more than endless beaches and tropical jungle, and Oaxaca is a perfect example. Located at an altitude of about 1550 meters, in a wide valley with a mild, temperate climate, this incredibly charming city is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you're interested in Mexican culture and history, this is the place to head.

It's a chance to meander through elegant cobblestone streets and marvel at the magnificent baroque architecture, patio houses, and spacious plazas. The city is also known for its authentic and delicious cuisine, so there's no end to the traditional Mexican dishes like mole, cheese, or grasshoppers.

Get in touch with local artisans

Experiencing the local crafts

Bring back more than just memories

Oaxaca is known for its colorful markets and unique handicrafts, so you can easily pick up a bottle of locally made mezcal or a handmade hammock. For a souvenir with added charm though, spend a few extra days in town and learn how to weave your own hammock.

Thread Caravan hosts creative workshops around the world in collaboration with local craftspeople, and one of these workshops takes place in Oaxaca. During each workshop, artisans offer all levels of instruction in their craft expertise: weaving, pottery, mezcal distillation, and more. You'll learn a new skill and also get a close insight into the local materials, process, culture, environment, and geography.

Thread Caravan connects visitors with local craftspeople

Experiencing ancient techniques

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