Icelandic adrenaline adventure

Challenge yourself with a unique experience in the land of fire and ice.

Action between fire and ice

In the unique land of fire and ice, tectonic plates meet, streets are heated and there's a thermal pool around every corner. This vast land, with very few inhabitants, offers the perfect opportunity for the ultimate adventure experience.

Catch the Northern Lights in the winter months

Free diving between two continents

Nowhere else in the world can you touch two continents at once. In Silfra, about an hour's drive from the capital of Reykjavik, you can dive into the space between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates, either free diving or with a tank, and experience the unique arctic underwater world. If you're feeling especially brave, come in the colder months to experience the unbelievable thrill of an ice dive.

Dive under ice, between tectonic plates or through arctic kelp forests

Geothermal fields and glacier landings

Hop into a helicopter at Reykjavik Domestic Airport to experience the extremes of Iceland. This Fire and Ice experience takes you over the highest waterfall in Iceland, lands on the fresh snow of Glymur glacier, and then flies on to a geothermal field full of hot springs and boiling mud pots.

Hop into a helicopter and experience Iceland from above

Super Jeep Tours through Midgard

Iceland is ruled by myths, and the Midgard tour literally starts off in middle Earth – the very uninhabited middle of Iceland. From there, your Icelantic guides will take you out on an all-terrain vehicle, over technicolor mountains and across to the isolated natural pools, maneuvering through the volcanic field and through unbridged rivers, with the chance to hop out and hike across icecaps throughout the journey.

Drive through volcanic terrain with an all-terrain vehicle

Experience the unique glacial landscapes of Iceland


Want to combine your action-packed adventure with a relaxing spa experience? Or sample some incredible Icelandic food? Reach out to our travel curators and they'll design the ultimate itinerary.