Futuristic experiences in the new Middle East

Welcome to the future – at the Dubai World Expo.

Downtown Dubai – the beating heart of the city

When the sun goes down, the city is transformed into a sea of lights

The futuristic Middle East

The Middle East is home to its fair share of futuristic backdrops, and nowhere is this more the case than in Dubai. The crown jewel of the UAE, in under 40 years the city has grown into one of the world's largest metropolises – where bigger always means better.

World Expo

Dubai is celebrating 2021 in the most Dubai way possible – with the coveted World Expo, where they'll exhibit the cutting-edge technology set to change our future.

Running from October 1st, 2021 to March 1st, 2022, this huge event will see countries from all over the world exhibit their vision and plans for the future. The theme is innovation, and the focus is on sustainability, mobility, and opportunity, meaning there will be AI showcases and Virtual Reality projects. Extra shoutout to Uber – rumor has it they'll be testing their flying cars.

Dubai has positioned itself as the innovation hub for the Middle East

Where to rest up

With so much going on at the exhibit, it makes sense to find accommodation that offers the chance to recharge. The One&Only Royal Mirage, with its palm tree-lined entrance and Arabian palace-inspired style, is just the place. The central location in between Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Marina means you won't miss out on any of the expo action either. It's also only a 10-minute drive away from the Mall of the Emirates, but also has a kilometer of private beach where you can dip your toes into the Arabian Gulf.

If you want something extra special, stay in the two-bedroom Beach Garden Villa with its own private pool and direct beach access – you won't be disappointed.

The palatial hotel transports you to a world of opulence and Arabian hospitality

The hotel interiors are beautifully decorated and incredibly inviting

Where to eat

Dubai exudes exuberance, and when it comes to creativity and innovative dining it's no different.

Noire is a dining in the dark concept – complete with a pitch-black restaurant, night vision equipped waiters and the thrill of experiencing 5-star gourmet cuisine sight unseen; it's quite something. The idea behind this concept is to experience food through a multi-sensory stimulation where your sense of smell, taste, and texture are all brought to the forefront.

Explore the city

Ain Dubai - This year, Dubai will be home to the world’s highest Ferris wheel when it debuts on the Jumeirah Beach Residence beachfront. Revolving at a height of 210 meters and offering 360‑degree views of the city, it's an ideal way to take in the full wonder of Dubai. Afterward, you can walk to the JBR corniche to grab a drink or hit the beach.

Museum of the Future - Highly anticipated for its vision for the future and the incredible facade covered in Arabic calligraphy, the museum will be opening in 2021. It will showcase immersive experiences that use virtual reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other high‑tech innovations to explore questions around the future of humanity.

The Arabic calligraphy that adorns the Museum of the Future is a spectacle in itself

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