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Follow the scent of lavender to the French Riviera and beyond.

Breakfast with a view at La Bastide Saint-Antoine

Welcome to the capital of perfumes

A trip to the French Riviera never disappoints, but a visit to the picturesque hinterland is equally as enchanting. Just a few miles from the Cote’d Azur you’ll find rolling hills, lush gardens, and an ancient little town that has been the capital of perfumes for centuries: Grasse. In the summer months, you can smell the thousands of roses and fields of lavender that thrive in the sunny climate.

Grasse itself is all about perfume: You can see how soaps and Eau de Toilettes are made, join a perfume workshop or visit a perfumery. Ruined walls alternate with the colorful facades in the old town, as glamorous as the magnificent villas that adorn the streets. This ancient town is a mixture of rustic chic, historic charm, and a nonchalant attitude you can only find in France.

La Bastide Saint-Antoine, France: stay in style

Are you ready for Provençal romance?

On a hill within Grasse, you'll find a five-star luxe accommodation that will impress even the most experienced of luxury travelers. La Bastide Saint-Antoine offers a panoramic view of the surrounding verdant Provence and the distant bay of Cannes. The property itself is like a green oasis, with ancient olive trees and cypresses decorating the park-like garden. Some of the elegant Provençal rooms have a fireplace, while others come complete with a private jacuzzi.

Wander in immaculately manicured garden

Dine like only the French can

Aside from the tasteful interior and sensational location, the highlight of La Bastide Saint-Antoine is its restaurant, where you can enjoy exceptional haute cuisine. Chef Jacques Chibois creates exquisite dishes that alone are worth the trip. His culinary art has been awarded two Michelin stars and several other awards. It also probably goes without saying, but the wine selection is excellent.

Relax in the shade of ancient olive trees

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