Discover the customs of the Samburu people in Kenya

Camp alongside the local wildlife in this local-run community camp, tucked away in northern Kenya.

Sarara means “a meeting place” in Samburu

Dive into African culture at Sarara camp

Finding the right balance when learning about local customs is vital to make sure both visitors and the local community can benefit. The Sarara conservationists navigate this incredibly well – so well in fact, that it's quickly becoming a flagship model for community and conservation across Africa.

The six luxurious tents are nestled in the dramatic and unearthly beautiful landscape of the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in the northern frontier of Kenya. The majority of the camps' staff is from the Samburu tribes, and during game drives or guided walks through the remote territory, they talk about their culture and share stories and memories of their heritage.

Getting to know the locals

Pool with a view has a whole new meaning in Kenya

Experience generations-old traditions

Sarara is tucked away on over 850 000 acres of land, with the number of guests limited to 16 to ensure minimal interferance with the local wildlife. It also makes for a much more exclusive experience.

You'll have the chance to enjoy the local traditions at the singing wells too. When the riverbed near Sarara Camp dries out, Samburu warriors dig wells along the riverbed to reach water for their cattle. During the entire process, they sing, and continue to do so as they pass the water to their animals. In the evening elephants, leopards, and other wildlife can be viewed taking advantage of the newly-dug wells.

Cheetahs prefer their open savannah habitats

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Get in touch with nature

The Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, in the remote Mathews Range, consists of savanna plains and verdant mountains, home to elephants, leopards, reticulated giraffes, wild dogs, and kudu. Communal conservation efforts have succeeded in nourishing this dramatic wilderness and reducing poaching numbers by an impressive 90%.

While staying at Sarara, you can also visit the RETETI elephant sanctuary. This conservancy institution takes in orphaned or abandoned elephant calves, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild so they can rejoin a herd.

The elephant orphans at RETETI

Sarara is a hot spot for leopard sightings

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Images: Sarara Camp