Conservation takes center stage at Mexico’s Costalegre

Conservation extravaganza: This eco-luxe retreat takes environmental awareness to a whole new level.

Cuixmala is surrounded by a 30,000-acre nature reserve

Cuixmala, Mexico – serenity, nature, and luxury

Like a single sailing ship in a vast, blue sea, this extraordinary luxury eco-resort pops out of a seemingly endless verdant field of trees. Once built as a private residence, Cuixmala is today one of the best hotels in Mexico

The estate is set on a 30,000-acre nature reserve, while the hotel itself sits proudly on a green cliff overlooking the Pacific shore. It's also the only property in the vicinity, so guests have the lush forest and the two-mile private beach all to themselves.

Casa Cuixmala, perched on the green cliffs

In the heart of Mexicos Costalegre

Feel like royalty

Staying at Cuixmala feels a little like staying in an enchanted castle, with jaguars roaming through the surrounding jungle and zebras and eland grazing near the hotel. The chic, white interior of the suites and the bungalows are a very tasteful addition, bringing a sense of calm to the lush, untamed surroundings.

Private beach or stylish pool? It's a difficult choice

Sleek, modern and utterly chic

The perfect eco-getaway

Conservation and sustainability

Conservation and preserving nature are the foundations of Cuixmala's eco-luxe concept, and the sheer amount of biodiversity at the reserve is astounding – more than 270 different species of birds, 70 species of mammals, and 68 species of reptiles call this area home.

The Cuixmala Ecological Foundation lives and breathes this dedication, with monitoring programs for endangered species, climate, and hydrology. They also rehabilitate marine turtles at their turtle foundation, where almost 900,000 turtle hatchlings have been protected and released in the last 30 years.

For the final conservationist touch, the estate's biodynamic farming is not only organic but also in harmony with the rhythm of nature, as crops are sown and harvested following celestial cycles.

Zebras enjoying the terrain in Mexico

A turtle release at the sanctuary

There are more than 270 different bird species living in the reserve

The 5,000 acre bio-dynamic farm

Endless outdoor options

Being outdoors is a given in Cuixmala, with an endless list of activities:

  • Kayaking, snorkeling, or surfing

  • Whisper-quiet boat rides through the lagoons to observe crocodiles and birds

  • Visiting the flower nursery

  • Boating on a sailing yacht

  • Horseback riding through trails and along Playa Cuixmala

  • Crystal sound healing, yoga, and a variety of spa services

Relax, roam free and enjoy nature

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All images: Courtesy of Cuixmala, Photography by Davis Gerber