Beat the jet lag in Bangkok

This biohacking hideaway is taking wellness to the next level.

Anantara's spa in Bangkok, geared towards rejuvenation and recharging

Boost your immune system in Bangkok

Thailand's capital is a tropical metropolis with futuristic skyscrapers and ancient temples, Buddhist sculptures, and shopping frenzies. You can sample incredible street food, party all night long, and then recharge at Anantara, Siam Bangkok Hotel, and its VIVID by Verita IV Drip Bar.

The motto of this bar: revive, rejuvenate and recover. The menu offers a variety of IV infusions, packed with vitamins and nutrition to aid an impressive list of things: enhance mental clarity, supercharge the immune system, turn back signs of aging, beat fatigue, alleviate hangover symptoms, boost metabolism, and provide more energy to enhance overall well-being.

The bar is open to both hotel guests and visitors, and there is even more to this wellness bar than health-boosting solutions. The luxurious wellness oasis is a leading anti-aging and aesthetics hub that offers innovative treatments such as liquid facelifts and facial rejuvenation.

And just in case you need more, VIVDS exclusive “Elements of Wellness” includes photo-luminescence and oxygen therapy, which simply erases the effects of jet lag and lifts your mood.

Treat yourself to a cocktail – a scientifically formulated IV cocktail to boost your beauty, unleash mental clarity or strengthen your immune system

A combination of oxygen and light therapy will lift your spirit

The modern wellness world has a lot more to offer

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