An Education with the Maasai Warriors in Kenya

Hone your survival skills with lessons from the Maasai tribe.

Maasai warriors performing the adumu, or "jumping dance"

Experience the traditions of the Maasai people

Finding the right balance between local culture and foreign tourism isn't always the easiest, but the owners of Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp and the local Maasai tribe have certainly managed. Here, they teach guests about the Maasai culture, traditions and surrounding area of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara.

A prominent Maasai tribe tradition is the training and ascension of young Maasai into warriors of the Maasai Mara. Although the training takes months of dedication, it's possible to get a taste of what it involves at the Maasai Warrior School, including spear throwing, animal tracking, and bow and arrow skills. It's suitable for all ages too, so it's an ideal family activity.

The day culminates in a celebration that emulates the Eunoto coming-of-age ceremony for young warriors. As the sun goes down, the Maasai community and the guests of Cottar's take part in traditional dancing, singing, and jumping around in the smoke from a burning fire.

Maasai demonstrating their techniques with a bow and arrow

The Eunoto ceremony

A tented safari stay

Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp sits on a vast 6,000-acre conservancy, nestled between the Serengeti and Maasai Mara. The staff and the local Maasai tribe work closely together, promoting opportunities to share cultures between the tribe and the guests of the camp. They also collaborate with the first all-female conservation ranger unit in the entire Maasai Mara.

Alongside the Maasai Warrior School, there's a wide range of ways to learn about the area and experience the local nature, including:

→ Day and night game drives

→ Bush walks

→ Running with a Maasai warrior

→ Local school visit

→ Seasonal swimming at the waterfall

→ Traditional canvas bush bath

The public lounge tent at Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp

One of the three family tents at Cottar's

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