A Balinese resort for locals and tourists alike

Experience the essence of contemporary Bali.

A contemporary version of a Balinese courtyard

A cultural exchange

Beach resorts around the world tend to highlight exclusivity. Which is great, but interactions with the local community are often limited, leaving much of the true soul of a destination unexplored. OMA, the architecture firm behind the new Potato Head Studios in Seminyak, is aiming to change that. Its first hotel on the island is built not only with guests, but also the local community in mind.

A futuristic vision

A flexible stage for contemporary Balinese culture

The idea was to create a type of cultural institution that mixes public with private, and guests with locals. To achieve this, Potato Head Studios features an open ground plane for curated cultural events and daily leisure activities, which welcomes visitors of all kinds. This is a flexible stage for a range of programs, such as festival celebrations, cultural events, and the day-to-day leisure activities that are part of Balinese contemporary culture.

The beautiful studios remain little private havens

The beach at your doorstep

A shared taste of Bali

Everything is designed to bring people together for good times and open their minds in new ways. The roof accommodates a sculptural park that is openly accessible via a public route that also connects amenity spaces such as restaurants, pools, and spas. Private gardens evoke the raised courtyards of Indonesia, while traditional Balinese courtyards can be found at the ground level.

luxury hotel, or town square?

All images by Kevin Mak for OMA