December 5, 2023

New name, same passion for incredible travel


Three years ago – in the midst of a global pandemic – we started a travel company. Admittedly, it was an unconventional time to do so – but we’ve never been conventional. We were hungry for the unique inspiration and connection that travel provides, and we knew others were too.

Since then, we’ve been addressing a real need for our clients – bringing true authenticity back to travel. But as our team has grown, so has our ambition. We’ve taken our original drive to design luxury, authentic trips for our clients, and added in complete personalization, life-changing moments, and unique experiences that no one else can offer. Now, we need a name and a brand that matches these ambitions.

That’s why we’re announcing our new name – Scenset. Inspired by the words “scene” and “sense”, our new name evokes the physical feeling we all experience when exploring the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. The feeling every client experiences when traveling with us.

Scenset team

The Scenset Team

Our new name is just the start of our brand refresh. We also have a new logo that better conveys who we are and the kinds of trips we create. Sophisticated but bold, timeless but modern, distinct from our competitors, and fully at home within both the luxury travel and technology industries.

Over the next few months, you’ll notice a few updates across the entire Scenset experience – from our website and app, to emails and social media.

What isn’t changing is our commitment to our clients. When anyone travels with Scenset, they can always expect unmatched travel itineraries featuring exclusive experiences, vetted guides, and luxury accommodations. Trips will always be expertly curated, impeccably executed, and tailored to each traveler’s unique preferences.

With our new name and our unmatched ambition, we’re in the perfect position to help you experience the world, one luxury, unique, personalized trip at a time.