October 31, 2023

Federico Botta joins Scenset as a Travel Operations Manager

Federica Botta

Federico in the agave fields of a tequila distillery in Mexico

We are excited to announce that Federico Botta has joined Scenset as a Travel Operations Manager, coming with extensive experience in the travel industry. He was formerly head of operations at Prior and COO at Blue Parallel, organizing once-in-a-lifetime trips for all types of clients. He has traveled to more than 30 countries worldwide thus far and is always looking forward to his next big trip.

Federico’s passion for travel is much more than just professional travel planning. He’s also a digital nomad, moving around while working so he can vet out the best properties and experiences himself, having lived in Chicago, Girona, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Southern Italy, among others. But one of his most rewarding pursuits is teaching sustainable tourism to future generations of professionals at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires.

The more I travel, the more I want to keep doing it. That’s why I became a digital nomad, because I truly want to keep growing as a professional and moving around allows me to do that while also discovering the wonders of the world.

Federico sees traveling as a way to connect with people and to experience different cultures through food, language, and seeing as many places as possible. He believes that travel is a transformative experience and that physical and economic barriers should be broken down so more people have the opportunity to go somewhere. He teaches his students how to drive positive impact in tourism so that not only the traveler benefits but also the local community.

We need to rethink how much tourism we want in a certain destination, make sure that the growth is sustainable, and always take into account the local community and the environment. Travel has the power to do a lot of good things, but it has to be managed properly and not be seen only as a source of income, because it’s so much more than that.

Colorful home in Córdoba, Spain