Meet the Curator

Adrienne Harris

"Educate yourself about destinations and local practices before you arrive, and have an awareness and kindness towards the local communities"

Born in London, Adrienne was raised in Galicia, Spain, and that’s where she had her first contact with the hospitality industry, working in bars, restaurants and hotels. This led to her studying hotel management, and gave her the opportunity to see the world. This line of work took Adrienne to Qatar, where she worked for St Regis Hotels and developed a strong affinity with Arabic culture. She later moved to Mallorca and helped build a travel start-up focused on providing luxury trips with editorial content. More recently, she worked for the most luxurious private island in the Maldives as their sales department, which luckily led to a lot more travel all around the world.

What sparked your passion for travel and how did it become your career?

My passion for travel was sparked by my upbringing in both London and Galicia, which gave me an innate understanding of cultural diversity and a curiosity to explore different cultures. 

How many countries have you visited? What were your top 3 and why?

25 countries! I love Mexico and exploring the different parts of the country, especially the Yucatan Peninsula. It has such a magical quality about it and the people are warm and welcoming – plus the food is amazing. The Maldives are just absolutely beautiful and the islands from above are such an amazing sight. Finally, it has to be Sri Lanka. It’s such a diverse country, and the food is incredible. They also have such different vegetation and landscapes throughout the country.

What’s the place you most want to visit that you haven’t been to yet?

Providence Island, Colombia. A tiny undeveloped island that is rumored to capture the true essence of the old-school Caribbean.

Why is it important for travel to make a positive impact?

I think responsible travel practices are a must to contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability, and the preservation of each destination’s cultural heritage. Wherever we can, we should focus on cross-cultural understanding, supporting local economies, and protecting the environment by embracing partnerships with companies that prioritize sustainable practices.

How can you promote positive change when traveling?

Supporting local businesses and communities, engaging in eco-friendly practices, and respecting cultural sensitivities. Additionally, educating yourself about the destinations and the local practices before you arrive, and having an awareness and kindness towards the local communities while you’re there.

What’s the most surreal travel experience you’ve had?

I was in Mexico traveling by myself and I met a lobster fisherman who had just caught beautiful little lobsters from the shore of Isla Mujeres that morning. He kindly invited me to have them for lunch on the terrace of his cottage by the sea – they were absolutely exquisite!

Which was the most memorable property you've ever stayed at? Why?

Habitas Bacalar. It’s set on the Bacalar lagoon and is a unique and sustainable property with tent-like cabins and a focus on wellness and immersive experiences, all in a stunning natural setting. The restaurant focuses on plant-based meals and it was absolutely incredible – I didn’t move from the hotel for three days!

What item can you not travel without?

I can’t travel without my headphones and a good book.

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