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Luisa Oliveira

Born and raised in the heart of Canada, about a decade ago Luisa took a chance and moved to London, where she found her new home. Her passion for learning about diverse cultures and connecting with people led her into the travel industry, and London has become the ideal base for her adventures.

One of Luisa's favorite things about the UK is the love of football/soccer! She's a huge football fan, and she loves heading up to Manchester for a home game at Old Trafford. Her other favorite thing to do on the weekend is going out to eat – as an avid foodie, she's constantly on the lookout for new restaurants and cuisines to try.

What sparked your passion for travel and how did it become your career?

My family immigrated to Canada from the Azores, Portugal. Every year, our family holidays consisted of returning to the Azores or exploring continental Portugal. Experiencing travel from a young age, creating cherished memories with my family, and immersing myself in various cultures ignited my passion for travel and exploring.

How many countries have you visited? What were your top 3 and why?

Visited: 34!
Top 3: Morocco, Norway, and Portugal

Norway: Definitely one of my favorite trips in recent years. The fjords and all the outdoor activities you can do there are what I loved the most. This picture was taken just after a helicopter ride through the fjords, when we landed at our hotel for the night – Hotel Union Oye.

Morocco: I visited Morocco for the first time this summer and absolutely fell in love with the country and its people! Wandering through the vibrant souks and exploring various regions of the country, it's easy to see why so many artists come from Morocco, and I totally understand why so many people head there for inspiration.

Portugal, Azores: The Azores, Portugal are one of my all-time favorite destinations, and I've been fortunate to visit there throughout my life! From the beautiful islands to the mainland, there's so much exploration and rich history to uncover in Portugal. This picture is from the village of Furnas, which is actually nestled inside the crater of an active volcano.



Portugal, Azores

What’s the place you most want to visit that you haven’t been to yet?

Japan and Brazil are on the list!

Why is it important for travel to make a positive impact?

Travel making a positive impact is essential because it promotes cultural understanding, supports local economies, empowers communities, and encourages personal growth. Responsible travel can also benefit both travelers and destinations, contributing to a more interconnected world.

How can you promote positive change when traveling?

By respecting local cultures and traditions, supporting local businesses, and minimizing environmental impact.

What’s the most surreal travel experience you’ve had?

Swimming with manta rays on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Which was the most memorable property you've ever stayed at? Why?

I'd always wanted to stay at Kasbah Bab Ourika in Morocco, I was drawn to its design, interior decor, and scenery. I had heard so much about this property from friends in the industry, and this summer, I finally had the opportunity to experience it myself. The interior design is  amazing, and the natural surroundings are inspiring. It’s the perfect haven for unwinding after a few busy days in Marrakech.

What item can you not travel without?

I always bring a disposable camera with me when I travel. There's something really exciting about returning from a trip and waiting to see the developed pictures. The suspense of whether the photos turned out is fun, and each image becomes another cherished memory, making them the best keepsake!

Pick one of your favorite photos from your travels and explain why.

This is a picture of my son, Laith, at Jardin Majorelle in Morocco this summer. I love this photo because bringing him along to new destinations and creating precious family memories is so important to me. His growing passion for travel is evident, and he's already proving to be quite the hotel connoisseur!

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