October 31, 2023

Scenset is now part of the Conscious Travel Foundation!

We’re excited to say that Scenset is now part of the Conscious Travel Foundation! A social enterprise made up of professionals from the travel industry, all working to effect positive change on the impact tourism has on our world.

Ever since the start of Scenset, we’ve known we want to do things differently.

We want to be part of a seismic change in the travel industry, and promote travel as a force of good. Our goal is to create trips that don’t take away from our environment, but that actively give back to the destinations, local communities, and our planet.

The foundation’s goal is perfectly in line with this. Its aim is to bring together resources, advice, and information from across the industry, and to help companies like Scenset and their travelers have a meaningful, positive impact on the planet and their destinations.

Becoming a member of the foundation isn’t our first step towards changing the impact our industry has on the planet.

We always vet the accommodation and companies we work with and strive to work with green properties so travelers exploring the world with Scenset can contribute to their sustainability efforts.

The power of community is central to the philosophy of both Scenset and the Conscious Travel Foundation. (Dunia Camp, Tanzania)

Chicland is focused not only on the needs of its human visitors but also on the needs of other living species. (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Members of the Conscious Travel Foundation have access to complimentary carbon consultancy sessions to help reduce their carbon footprint.

We also carbon offset our traveler’s trip quarterly, and although we know it isn’t the perfect solution, we see it as part of a larger picture to change our industry's approach to travel.

Joining the Conscious Travel Foundation gives us the chance to meet more like-minded companies, and together we can create even more change in our industry.

We’re looking forward to tapping into the resources and contacts the Conscious Travel Foundation has so we can further our goal of journeys with purpose, and promote travel as a force of good.